FAQ: Preventative Maintenance 101: Why It’s Important and What You Should Be Doing

Preventative maintenance is essential to the lifespan and working condition of all of the equipment in your operation. It can seem like a hassle to “fix something that isn’t broken” but in reality, by following a strict preventative maintenance schedule in your plant, your air compressor will operate efficiently and optimally for years, minimizing the risk of costly down periods or equipment replacements altogether.

Here is how preventative maintenance affects your bottom line:

It Reduces Downtime

Time is money as they say and whenever a piece of equipment goes down for emergency repairs, your entire operation will suffer from lost time and productivity. For every minute that the compressed air system is non-operational, you could be missing out on increased production which leads to more revenue.

It Keeps Everything Running Smoothly

By performing preventative maintenance, you ensure that your compressed air system is optimally performing, resulting in productivity down the entire production line as well. If the machine were ever to go down, the result would cause snags throughout your entire system with a devastating drop in production efficiency.

Avoid Costly Breakdown Repairs

When a machine breaks down, not only will you be losing production volume due to the downtime, the emergency repairs to get the machine up and running again can take extra time and will also come with higher labor costs. By keeping your important equipment properly maintained, you can minimize running into emergency repairs.

Know Where Your System Stands

By taking the time to conduct preventative maintenance on different pieces of equipment throughout the entire operation, you’ll have a better understanding of the condition of the equipment along with an estimate for its remaining lifespan. This is crucial to understanding the overall health of your operation and will let you know if it’s time to upgrade equipment before it’s too late.

Increase Energy Efficiency

One of the essential ways to cut costs throughout the entire operation is to increase energy efficiency across the board. To start, you should ensure that your air compressor system is doing all it can to conserve energy and use it sparingly. By performing preventative maintenance like cleaning out the air filters and checking for leaks you’ll be able to spot a variety of different ways to help cuts costs and save on energy in the long run.

Preventative maintenance is something that needs to be done to ensure that your operation is effectively producing and avoiding costly repair bills. With these factors in mind, make sure that you create a maintenance schedule and over time, you’ll notice the increased productivity have an effect on your bottom line.